Diesel engine fire pump running when blue smoke out of what reason floating pump manufacturers

Diesel engine fire pump exhaust blue smoke, under normal circumstances is the use of a long time pump group, slowly began to burn oil caused, with the aggravation of blue smoke, burning oil more and more, we should consider the maintenance of the pump group. floating pump manufacturers Sometimes there is water in the fuel, or water leakage into the combustion chamber, causing combustion changes, resulting in light blue smoke from the pump group.floating pump manufacturers


1. The air filter is blocked, the intake is not smooth or the oil surface in the oil basin is too high (oil bath type air filter), so that the gas into the cylinder is reduced, the normal ratio of fuel gas mixture is changed, resulting in more oil less gas fuel combustion is incomplete, will also cause exhaust blue smoke.floating pump manufacturers



2. The lubricating oil in the oil pan is added too much, and the lubricating oil is easy to jump into the combustion chamber during the operation of diesel engine.


3. Long-term low load (below 40% of the calibrated power) operation, the gap between the piston and the cylinder liner is too large, so that the oil in the oil pan is easy to jump into the combustion chamber, mixed with the fuel mixture in the cylinder, change the normal proportion of mixed gas, combustion is incomplete, cause exhaust blue smoke.


4. The piston ring is stuck or worn too much, and the elasticity is insufficient. When the piston ring is installed, the chamfering direction is reversed, so that the oil enters the combustion chamber, and the blue water vapor smoke is discharged after the lubricating oil is burned.


5. In the body to the cylinder head oil passage near the cylinder pad burned, piston. Cylinder liner wear and piston ring alignment will cause the lubricating oil to travel up the combustion chamber and burn with the fuel mixture.


6 crankcase respirator and atmospheric balance of the vent hole blockage, resulting in large crankcase exhaust pressure, oil channeling the combustion chamber to participate in the combustion.


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Post time: Nov-11-2022