Differences between Portable Fire Fighting Pump and Fire Hydrant

Once there is a Fire, it is also the time when the Fire Fighting equipment comes into use. In many factories, we often prepare Portable Fire Fighting Pump equipment. Fire pump and fire hydrant are common. But these are actually two different objects, so what are the differences between the two?

1. Portable Fire Fighting Pump refers to special Fire Fighting Pump, or ordinary cleaning Pump up to the standard.

2. Fire hydrant pump is the colloquial term for fire pump. A pump often used to supply water to an indoor fire hydrant.

3, indoor fire hydrant is indoor pipe network to the fire site of water supply, with a valve interface, for factories, warehouses, high-rise buildings, public buildings and ships and other indoor fixed fire facilities, usually installed in the fire hydrant box, and fire hose and water gun and other equipment supporting the use.

Although Portable Fire Fighting Pump and hydrant are both special equipment for Fire Fighting, there is still a difference between them. Through the difference between the two, it also reminds users that they must know clearly in advance before choosing.


From the operation of the fire pump, it is not difficult to see that its operation rate is fast, under the action of pressure, its operation process is very smooth, its primary and standby switchover process is controlled by signal:

1. Current signal control method: judge whether the fire pump works by feeding back the motor current signal of the water pump. When the motor short circuit (power), the current is too large, the power automatically switch to the motor of another pump unit, stop the work of a pump, start the other pump work.

2. Pressure signal control method: The electric node pressure gauge is set on the water outlet pipe of the fire pump, and the switch between the main and standby pump is judged by the signal of the pressure gauge. When the control box receives the action command, immediately start any pump, if the pressure indicated by the electric node pressure gauge after the pump work fails to reach the set pressure value, the control box will automatically switch to another pump, start the work.

Fire pump through the signal control method, to achieve its primary and standby switching process, improve the efficiency of the use of equipment, switching back and forth, usually in a number of pumps can achieve this function.

Post time: Jul-04-2022