How to clean a fire tank that has been used for a long time triplex pump manufacturers

1. In the process of cleaning the water tank, the cleaning and disinfection personnel must wear protective glasses and masks. If they feel unwell in the tank, they may experience dizziness, sore eyes, nausea and nervousness. When you come to the swimming pool, rinse your eyes with water. Fresh air can help.triplex pump manufacturers


2, in addition to sundry and clear pool, first shovel the triplex pump manufacturers sediment in the water box, and then brush with a broom or nylon brush at the top of the tank Рthe wall Рthe bottom of the tank, and scrub repeatedly. At the end of the cleaning, the process is rinsed with a high-pressure water gun to drain the sewage.triplex pump manufacturers

Do a good job of prevention. For the increase of motor fever, the relevant personnel should sum up their experience and do a good job of prevention after understanding the causes of fever.

If the fire pump motor is overloaded, it is necessary to reduce the load or replace the motor with a suitable capacity. If the power supply voltage is too high or too low, it can be remedied by installing the power supply voltage regulator compensation cabinet. If the transmission part of the fire pump mechanism fails, the electric motor will be overloaded and burn the motor windings. It is necessary to check the fault in the mechanical part and remedy the problem.


Do a good job of parts inspection. If the fire pump runs frequently, the relevant personnel need to check the bearing wear intermittently. If it is not qualified, it needs to replace the new bearing; Secondly, clean the bearing and inject appropriate amount of grease. Then check the motor end cover. If the rotor is different due to wear of the center hole of the end cap, the end cap should be treated or replaced.


Overload of fire pump motor is a common obstacle. There is some experience in this industry, but although overload of fire pump motor is a common problem, it can not be taken lightly and should also be paid attention to.

Post time: Nov-15-2022