How to maintain ventilation vertical pump factory

vertical pump factory:Diesel engine fire pump is used to ensure fire water and pressure, involving personal security and property protection, need to be more reliable. The pump body structure is more reasonable, the material is more suitable, more reliable. So how should the device be ventilated?vertical pump factory

1, the implementation of forced ventilation: This method is implemented in the case of imperfect air circulation. Fans and fans are mainly installed in air vents. The specifications of the fan and the specific location of the outlet of the engine room should be able to provide enough cool air for the diesel engine and exclude the hot air of the engine room of the diesel engine fire pump. The small intake air of the generator set needs to be 6~7 times that of the diesel engine.vertical pump factory

2, the use of air circulation room: first of all, there should be enough size of the vent and vent. On the other hand, the location should ensure that there is enough fresh air for the diesel engine to burn within the temperature limits. In this way, the heat of circulating cooling water can be taken away by the water supply radiator, taking away the heat emitted by the surface of the unit.

3. The central part of the unit foundation is equipped with grooves and sewers around it: sewers are set around the unit foundation and grooves are set in the middle of the unit foundation to clean the sewage and diesel to ensure the cleanliness of the machine room. Ensure ventilation, on the one hand can better dissipate in the diesel engine fire pump, operation generated heat, ensure the machine equipment more durable; On the other hand, equipment in a ventilated environment can also prevent rust due to humidity.

In actual use, we can take the above three points to ensure that the diesel engine fire pump ventilation, in addition, we should also make the correct analysis and judgment in the process of use according to the actual situation, so as to better maintain the use of equipment.

Post time: Dec-14-2022