Performance of motor overload portable fire pump manufacturers

Fire pump motor overload, is not necessarily the quality of the motor problem, but related to the pump head. That is to say, the lift with submersible pump is different from the lift. For example, when our pump is working, the rated lift of the fire pump is 60 meters. But if you use this 20 head, it will bring a lot of load to the motor.

When the load of the motor increases, it is easy to have problems, and if the problem is serious,portable fire pump manufacturers the motor will be burned. This is what we usually call the overload operation of the motor. It can be seen that the motor is often burned out. This is not necessarily the quality problem of the motor.

Generally, fire pump motors have a fixed operating power, which is called a rated power in watts (watts). If, under certain circumstances,portable fire pump manufacturers the actual power used by the motor exceeds the rated power of the motor, this phenomenon is called motor overload.

Overload of fire pump motor mainly has the following symptoms:portable fire pump manufacturers

1. Motor current exceeds the rated value. When the motor temperature rise exceeds the rated temperature rise, the motor calorific value increases significantly.

2. The speed of the motor has decreased.

3. The motor makes a low humming sound.

4. If the load changes dramatically, the motor speed will rise and fall.

The motor of the fire pump contains electrical reasons, such as lack of phase, voltage exceeding allowable value, etc. There are also some mechanical reasons, such as excessive torque, motor damage (bearing vibration) and so on.

Post time: Nov-18-2022