portable fire pump manufacturers How to maintain water supply equipment during operation

1, diesel engine fire pump, to ensure the cleanliness of diesel


Regularly cleaning or replacing the filter element, cleaning the oil tank, checking the corrosion and wear degree of the plunger pair of the injection pump and the oil outlet valve, and regularly removing the sludge and water at the bottom of the oil tank can effectively prevent the accumulation of impurities in diesel.portable fire pump manufacturers


2, diesel engine fire pump to ensure the quality of oil


Adequate oil volume, oil quality, early wear of plunger pair and outlet valve pair. portable fire pump manufacturers It is easy to cause insufficient power of the diesel engine, difficult to start, leakage in the oil pump, poor operation of the oil outlet valve, and wear of the oil pump tappet, housing and sealing ring.


3, diesel engine fire pump cylinder oil supply should be checked regularly portable fire pump manufacturers


By observing the exhaust of the diesel engine, listening to the sound of the engine, detecting the exhaust temperature to determine the oil supply of each cylinder.


4, diesel engine fire pump to check the tightness of the oil valve regularly


Screw off the high-pressure tubing joints of each cylinder and pump oil by hand with the oil delivery pump. If the oil flows out of the tubing joint at the top of the injection pump, replace the parts in time.


5, diesel engine fire pump keyway and bolt to check regularly


Check camshaft keyways, portable fire pump manufacturers coupling flange keyways, semicircular keys and coupling joint fixing bolts in a timely manner. If the parts are badly worn, repair or replace them in time.


6, diesel engine fire pump plunger pair and outlet valve pair should be replaced in time


If the diesel engine is difficult to start, the power is reduced and the fuel consumption is increased, the plunger pair and the outlet valve pair of the injection pump should be removed to check. Replace the plunger pair and outlet valve if they are worn out.

Post time: Nov-18-2022