Start-up preparation of diesel Emergency Pump

Diesel fire pumps are usually used as Emergency pump, so only when a fire signal arrives and the electrical Pump fails or the power is cut off will it start automatically. Diesel fire pump structure than electric water pump, much more complex, so the preparation before the start is also more complex.

1. We should first check whether the voltmeter on the control cabinet shows 24V together with the inspection. If the value is lower than 24V, discover the cause and troubleshoot the fault in time. Emergency Pump

2. Check whether the components of the diesel engine fire pump are normal, whether the connection of accessories is reliable, and eliminate abnormal phenomena.

3. Check whether the oil in the oil pan, fuel injection pump and governor reaches the specified oil level. If it is found that the oil is insufficient, add the same type of oil.

4. Check whether there is enough water in the water tank. If an open circulation cooling system is used, the water source should be connected.

5. Use the hand pump on the oil pump to inject fuel into the fuel system. At the same time, loosen the exhaust screw on the fuel injection pump to drain air from the fuel system. When there is no gas discharge here, tighten the screw and continue pumping until the return line returns oil, then tighten the hand pump.

6. Loosen the high-pressure tubing joint nut on each cylinder injector in turn, place the governor handle in the running position of the diesel engine, and turn the diesel engine fire pump to discharge the air in the high-pressure tubing (this step can be ignored in general, but should not be ignored when starting failure). Emergency Pump

7. For new engine or unused diesel engine parked for more than 5 days, turn crankshaft 3 ~ 5 times before starting.

8. When there is a preheating starting device and it is necessary to preheat the starting device (the temperature is below 5℃), it should also check whether the preheating plug is normal (the resistance of the preheating plug with rated voltage of 24V is about 0.025 ω under normal condition, and that of 12V is smaller).

Diesel fire pump has the characteristics of good start-up, strong overload capacity, compact structure, convenient maintenance, simple use, high degree of automation, and is a reliable fire equipment.

Post time: Jun-11-2022