What are the installation requirements oem nmfire pump

The main difference between horizontal fire pump and other types of fire pump is the difference in its appearance and structure. Users can distinguish it directly. When it is installed and used, there will be some differences, such as the need to meet the following requirements when installing.

1. Check the good condition of the pump before installation.oem nmfire pump

2. The installation position of horizontal fire pump should be as close to the water source as possible.

3. There are two ways to install the pump and the base, one is the rigid connection directly installed on the cement foundation, the other is the flexible connection installed by JGD shock absorber.

4. Direct installation can place the pump on the foundation cushion 30~ 40mm (ready to fill cement slurry), and then correct, and wear anchor bolts, fill cement mortar, 3~5 days after the cement dry, re correct, until the cement completely dry, tighten the anchor bolt nuts.

5. When installing the pipeline, oem nmfire pump the inlet and outlet pipelines should have their own supports, so that the flange of the pump should not bear too much weight of the pipeline.

6 horizontal fire pump used for suction occasions, the end of the inlet pipe should be equipped with a bottom valve, and the import and export pipeline should not have too many bends, and there should be no water leakage, leakage phenomenon.oem nmfire pump


7. The inlet pipe should be equipped with a filter screen to prevent impurities from entering the impeller. The effective area of the filter screen should be 3 ~ 4 times the area of the water inlet pipe to ensure the free flow of liquid.

8. In order to maintain and use convenient safety, in the horizontal fire pump inlet, outlet pipe each equipped with a regulator and pump outlet installed near the installation of a pressure gauge, in order to ensure the rated range of operation, to ensure the normal operation and service life of the pump.

9. If the inlet needs expanding connection, please choose eccentric reducing pipe joint.

When installing different specifications and types of fire pumps, we must pay attention to their installation methods and different installation requirements, so as to better ensure the installation quality and improve the use effect.

Post time: Dec-28-2022