Diesel engine fire pump use-water pump trolley

Fire pump in this era of rapid development has been common, so, diesel engine fire pump have heard of it, I will introduce for you.water pump trolley

Diesel engine fire pump, as a kind of fixed fire equipment, has been widely used in fire fighting and tuning, especially in the absence of power or power supply.water pump trolley

Diesel fire pump can be remotely transferred to the meter, can be installed and used as required, connected to the control center, easy maintenance. After the diesel engine fire pump is installed in the machine room, at least 750mm channel should be left on both sides and in front of the unit for operator inspection and general maintenance. water pump trolleyThe diesel fire pump has three main functions, supporting the quality of the whole unit, ensuring that the unit is level and absorbing vibration. The foundation of the unit is made of concrete and the height of the anchor bolts protruding from the horizontal plane should be approximately 2 times the diameter of the bolts.


Diesel fire pump can also be equipped with other diesel engines as power engines according to the needs of users. It is mainly composed of diesel engine, fire pump, oil tank, radiator, intelligent automatic control panel, etc. The whole crankshaft of diesel fire pump has high stiffness, high strength and high torque transfer efficiency. Adopt international advanced technology and gantry block, sliding bearing, plate fin cooler, upper heat exchanger, rotary oil filter, double cooling system. Diesel engine fire pump superior performance, smoke, noise indicators have reached very high, fuel consumption is lower than the standard 2.1g/kw.h above.

Diesel engine fire pump has a high degree of automation, with automatic, manual and fault self-check function, and monitor the working status in the whole process. It can restore the automatic restart function after failure, automatic prelubrication and preheating, so that the equipment more safe and reliable startup. Diesel engine fire pump has remote control and remote control function in the central control room. It can also have a fieldbus connection. The battery adopts automatic floating charge (constant current, constant voltage, dripping charge) to ensure that the battery is in standby state at any time.

A room with a naturally ventilated diesel fire pump shall have ventilation holes and vents large enough to ensure that sufficient fresh air is available for diesel combustion within temperature limits. The water supply radiator removes heat from the surface of the circulating cooling water (enclosed) and the diesel fire pump. Exhaust pipes should be connected outside. To avoid large amounts of heat from the exhaust pipe entering the room, the exhaust pipe can be wrapped in asbestos material.

Above is the main content I want to talk to you today, I hope to help you, and, to the regular maintenance and maintenance of the fire pump can play a role in reducing noise and protecting the operator.

Post time: Feb-10-2023