“Oil Change Step Operation” floating pump for fire fighting

Fire pump needs sufficient oil, and these sufficient lubricating oil can provide energy, but the oil inside can not be changed all the time, otherwise for a long time, the impurities in the waste oil will be blocked, so must often change the oil, in order to ensure the efficient use of the pump. The following is its oil change steps operation.floating pump for fire fighting


1. The gravity method unscrews the oil discharge valve, raises the pump tank, and lets the old oil in the fire pump flow automatically to the position of the oil spinning nut, so that the oil flows out. After the old oil is exhausted, a small amount of clean oil is injected from the refueling place, and the inside of the pump chamber is rinsed. Then, the pump is started to run for about 1 minute, and then closed to release the injected new oil. If the release of oil is still not earned, should continue to inject new oil wash until clean. Tighten the oil discharge valve. floating pump for fire fighting Unscrew the oil cap on the oil hole, add new pump oil into the pump, make the oil surface reach the oil mark line, and then screw on the oil cap.floating pump for fire fighting

2, the pressure method to put the container under the oil outlet, screw the oil outlet screw. Close the air extraction port while opening the fire pump, open the air ballast valve and cover part of the pump exhaust port to create a sufficient internal pressure to quickly release dirty oil. Flush the inside of the pump chamber and replace the oil.

The old oil inside the fire pump should be replaced in time to avoid the bad effect of the old oil on the pump, and the residue should be cleaned up in time, so as to make the new oil without residue inside.

Post time: Feb-14-2023