Operating rules for diesel emergency fire pump

Diesel engine fire pump is a kind of pump equipment used more in fire fighting, it is more suitable for fire pump mobile work. It’s actually driven by a diesel engine connected to the pump head of the fire pump. Compared to motor drive, it can be used in the field, in the mine, where there is no power supply. So it’s called a diesel pump or a diesel fire pump.

Diesel engine fire pump operating rules:

(1) Preparatory work

1. Check before starting


emergency fire pump

Check that the components and bolts are tight.

Check that the oil circuit is intact and unobstructed.

Check whether lubricating oil and cooling water are sufficient.emergency fire pump

Check all instruments in good condition.

Check that the gas cylinder has sufficient pressure.

(2) Start the diesel engine fire pump

1. Turn the governor to the slow position (the hydraulic governor should maintain the pressure of 0.147-0.169MPa).

2, slow operation until the machine temperature rises to the specified value, can be gradually accelerated to the rated speed.emergency fire pump

(3) Operation

1. Inspection should be done in operation

Check that the engine sound is normal.

Check cylinder, cylinder cover, bearing temperature is normal.

Check each instrument indicates that the value should not change dramatically.

Check that the exhaust smoke color is normal.

Check lubricating oil pressure and temperature, cooling water inlet and outlet temperature is normal.

Post time: Jan-03-2023