portable petrol pump power consumption reduction secret

The fire pump is bound to produce power consumption in the operation process, although in order to improve its use efficiency, power consumption is inevitable, but if from a long-term perspective, as far as possible to reduce power consumption or to reduce power consumption, these tips can help you reduce power consumption.portable petrol pump

1. Check whether the fire pump impeller is worn, or whether there is friction between it and other accessories. Once there is, repair it immediately.

2, check the liquid density, as far as possible to reduce the liquid density.portable petrol pump

3, portable petrol pump check the bearing, once damaged, repair or replace the bearing immediately.

4, make the coupling alignment good, adjust the axial clearance.

5, if the fire pump shaft bending, can be corrected pump shaft.

6. Check the balance hole and dredge the return pipe.

7, check the driving machine and power supply, control the speed.

8. Relax the packing and check the water seal pipe. Do not allow the filler to press too tightly or dry rub.


When using the fire pump, you can calculate whether there is too much power consumption. If there is such a situation, you can reduce the power consumption according to the above content. At the same time, it should be noted that some damaged parts may aggravate power consumption, and need to be disposed of in time.

Post time: Feb-08-2023