The correct use of emergency fire pump

Some fire pump is not in accordance with the correct operation process and method of use, can not give full play to the effect of use, bring better benefits, so master its correct use is a very important premise.

emergency fire pump

1. After the pump starts, check whether the running current of the motor and the pump can run normally. If there is any abnormality, stop the pump immediately.emergency fire pump

2. Check the pressure gauge at the water pump outlet. When the gauge pointer reaches the rated working pressure and stabilizes, gradually open the outlet valve so that the fire pump can work under the rated condition.

3. After the pump is normally filled with water, move the clutch handle installed through vacuum pumping to the “minute” position.emergency fire pump

4. Check the valve group pressure. The pressure of the clean water valve group is about 0.8Mpa, and the pressure of the foam valve group is about 1.0Mpa. If the pressure cannot be maintained, the pump outlet and return valve can be properly adjusted to control the pressure.

5. Always keep check pump and motor bearing temperature, high temperature shall not exceed 75 degrees, check motor working current should be within the normal range.

6. After stopping the fire pump, restore all valves to normal state according to the requirements of the valve opening and closing state diagram.

7. Move the clutch handle installed by vacuum adsorption to the “Off” position, open the air valve, reset the float assembly, and prepare for war.

8. If the pressure of the fire pump immediately returns to about 0.8Mpa after starting, and the water cannot be drained normally, the pump should be stopped immediately, the air valve should be opened to reset the float assembly, and then restart.

9. Under normal circumstances, the pressure stabilizing pump ensures that one is in working state and the other is in standby state.

Post time: Jan-03-2023