The difference between submersible pump and self priming fire pump china

In industrial production, we will use some pumps, such as vacuum pumps, submersible pumps, centrifugal pumps and other pump equipment. Pump equipment has many advantages, such as good sealing, convenient filling and so on. In short, pump equipment has a good role in industrial production. What is the difference between submersible pump and self-priming pump?

1, the installation area of the submersible pump is small, the impeller is located in the water, the suction can be better, fire pump china so you can use a higher speed, do not need to fill the water starting, easy automation. The submersible pump with small volume and light weight can also be easy to move and use, easy to carry. However, the main part of it is located below the water surface, the maintenance is inconvenient, the lifting height of the crane is high, the height of the pump room is high, the mechanical load is concentrated, the load per unit area is large, and the maintenance of the water-lubricated bearing is troublesome. Often moving submersible pump cable is easy to be damaged, mobile use process needs to protect the cable can not be pulled. fire pump china

2, the main part of the self-priming pump is located above the water surface, easy maintenance. The load distribution is uniform and the mechanical load per unit area is small. The lifting height is small, the height of the pump room is low, it is not necessary to move the power machine when disassembling. Water lubricated bearings less, can also be used. Self priming pump, transmission device and engine total cost is cheaper. It is necessary to start with water filling, the operation is complex, and it is not easy to automate. The sealing requirements of the water inlet pipe are strict, and the air can not be inhaled into the pump body. The radial load has high reliability requirements on the bearing. When the water level of the water inlet pool is high, the motor needs to be protected. The water level of the water inlet pool is too low to exceed the effective suction range of the self-priming pump china

The difference between submersible pumps and self-priming pumps has been detailed in the above content, and the difference between the two is not just the name. In the selection of pump equipment need to be selected according to the application situation, choose the appropriate pump equipment.

Post time: Jan-29-2023