The discharge steps of water pump trolley are introduced in detail

The use of fire pump, must ensure sufficient oil conditions, but also to ensure that the inside of the oil quality standards, in order to pump efficiency, must be regularly changed oil. Before changing the oil, the old oil inside the pump must be drained clean. The correct discharge steps are as follows:

1. Unscrew the oil drain plug at the lower part of the fire pump housing and drain the oil.water pump trolley

2, in the case of external oil discharge, in order to ensure the lubrication and cooling of the bearings in the pump, the liquid level from the tank roof height as low as possible. When the volume of the working chamber of the jack is too large, it is necessary to set another auxiliary tank to ensure that the liquid level height after external oil discharge is not less than 100 mm.water pump trolley

3. After the initial operation of the fire pump, water pump trolley the oil should be changed and cleaned the oil tank and filter. When the oil deteriorates, the oil should be changed in time, and the oil tank and filter must be cleaned at the same time.

When the fire pump oil change, please remember the above discharge steps. Little by little, drain the old oil and clean the remaining oil in the tank before adding new oil. The oil discharge procedure should be correct.

Post time: Feb-10-2023