What do we need to pay attention to when using the floating pump for fire fighting

1. Vacuum suppression technology is adopted, and the fire stabilizing pressure water supply equipment is directly connected to the tap water pipe network, so there is no negative pressure and no need to build a pool, that is, the stable flow water supply equipment has no negative pressure. Water supply equipment closed structure operation, avoid seepage, taking, taking, dripping, leakage phenomenon, cancel the water tank, save the flushing water.

2. Because it is directly connected to the tap water pipe network, the original pressure of the tap water pipe network can be used. Under the control of microcomputer, the fire stabilized water supply equipment can adjust the rotation of the motor according to the water pressure to make up for the pressure difference between the inlet pressure and the outlet pressure.floating pump for fire fighting


3. Starting mode is to output the switching contact of the hydrant action button directly to the starting box of the hydrant pump. These two boot modes can be used in the actual design. The former method has less wiring, but needs address coding and programming of the hydrant linkage module under the bus system, so as to achieve the purpose of monitoring a large number of hydrants.floating pump for fire fighting

4. In the linked control mode, the start of the fire hydrant action button can send the required start signal to the control console of the fire control room through the linkage interface module beside the fire hydrant, and then output the switching contact to start the fire hydrant from here.

1. Maintenance personnel regularly observe the use of main components and accessories inside and outside the household water tank every month, and report to the manufacturer in time if any problem is found.

5, domestic water tank as the storage of domestic water secondary equipment, can only dress up domestic water (fire water), can not dress up hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid or acid, alkaline liquid.floating pump for fire fighting

6. When using the fire water tank, do not place other heavy equipment on the top of the tank. Do not use hard objects to tap or paint tank layout and fittings. If there is any problem, please inform the factory technical maintenance personnel and welding personnel. Professionals engaged in argon arc welding should drain water during maintenance. It’s a combination of insulating materials.

7. Do not open the hole cover of the tank to prevent secondary pollution. The tank should be cleaned and disinfected 1-2 times a year.

Post time: Feb-14-2023