Why do fire pumps need to be deflated before use triplex pump manufacturers

Fire pump needs to be deflated before use, so, why do you understand?triplex pump manufacturers


1. Assume that the shell of the fire pump is filled with gas before starting, triplex pump manufacturers and when the gas in the impeller is thrown out after starting, it cannot form a large enough vacuum there to suck up the liquid in the tank. This phenomenon is called gas binding.


2. In order to avoid the occurrence of gas bonding, the inner space of the pump shell should be filled with foreign liquid before the start of the fire fighting equipment. This step is called the injection pump. In order to prevent the liquid poured into the pump shell from flowing into the lower tank due to gravity, triplex pump manufacturers a check valve (bottom valve) is installed at the entrance of the pump suction pipe; Assuming that the pump azimuth is lower than the liquid level in the tank, there is no need to pump when starting.


3. There’s another reason, because you can shrink. Once the gas is contracted, it cannot be sealed and impregnated according to the space with the fire pump, and the pump cannot pump water.


The above is why the fire pump needs to be deflated before use.

Fire pump is a common and indispensable part of fire fighting facilities. The normal operation of the pump can play a decisive role in the fire fighting operation. Below, let’s look at the selection elements of the fire pump.


When choosing a fire pump, on the premise of meeting the flow and head, the following points should also be considered:


1 as far as possible choose centrifugal pump, because for the general construction of fire water, head and flow range is wide, the most widely and centrifugal pump workspace ask, a variety of products in the market, range and specification is also the most, is advantageous for the selection and maintenance: centrifugal pump at the same time can be short q (2 ~ 3 min) close brake operation, operation is stable, it is of certain significance for the maintenance and management.


2. Water pump with high efficiency should be selected. If one water pump is selected as far as possible, it can meet the flow and head of the whole fire extinguishing system of the protection building.


3 To ensure the reliability of fire water supply, you need to configure a certain number of standby pumps. The standby pump and the working pump should be in a state that can be started at any time, and its working capacity should not be smaller than that of the largest fire pump, so as to ensure that the fire pump can keep working without interrupting the water supply when fighting the fire.


4 Consider the setting of water pump when selecting, such as vertical pump can save space.


The above is a little knowledge about fire pump, I hope to bring some help to my friends, here recommend friends to choose products with their own needs to choose their own, choose big brands, good reputation manufacturers to buy, product quality and safety is more guaranteed.

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